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Requests: 739 Visitors: 80180

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Apartments are located in the village of Krimovica, 300 meters above sea level and facing the sea. They come from Budva to the beach of Česka Jazéa, and all by the sea to the beach â⠏ŠTrstenoâ⠏ĹĂĂ. From the beach of ève èŠ Trstenoà ¢ â,¬â "¢ s uphill goes a wide asphalt road and for about 2 km following our signposts you arrive in the villa. We are about 9 km from Budva. The closest beach is Trsteno, 2 km from the villa, then the Jaz beach, 4 km from the villa and the beach PlocePlatamuni) with crystal clear water and 4 swimming pools for children and adults, 3 km away from the villa. All the beaches are led by an asphalt road without crowding and traffic jam. In addition to the villa, there is enough space for parking.The villa has a large, courtyard, luxury pool measuring 11m with 6m. The swimming pool is made up of three parts: children, jacuzzis and a swimming nozzle and lighting. It is suitable for daily and night bathing. Around the pool are parasols, umbrellas, cucumbers and tus. A part of the plateau that directly overlooks the sea is equipped with comfortable armchairs and evening tables. Everywhere around the pool there are luminaries that give a nice light and a pleasant atmosphere.Vila âââ € ™ s Vacation has 15 apartments for rent, it is facing the sea and is not sheltered by other houses, so with all the terraces, which each apartment has, directly sees the sea. The sea view is fascinating in the morning and at sunset. The gentle breeze brings inxicating scent from the sea and cools the hot summer nights.The house is well insulated, facade and each apartment has air conditioning. The villa is located in a location where sea and mountain air collide. On a clear day, the mountain Lovcen, Prevlaka and the port of Bar are visible. Sea and mountain air beneficially affect the recovery of the respiratory and bloodstream. The vicinity of Budva, Tivat and Kotor allows you to have a rich night out and fun.If you want a holiday for the soul and body, come to this divine place.ApartmentsAll apartments have:- Fully equipped kitchen (sink, mini stove, fridge, wooden table and chairs, 6 persons)- Bathroom (shower, boiler 50 l, haberdashery, sink, mirror, toilette, hygiene cleaning equipment)- Air conditioning,div>- Television- Terrace (with seating furniture and sea view)-Internet-Television TVSize The apartment is 25 m2 and it is 40 m2 without a terrace.Villa has:2 double apartments as well as a studio with a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace (in a room with a folding width of 1.5 m)3 three-bed apartments, with kitchen, bathroom and terrace , in a room with a folding width of 1.5 feet and a folding armchair of 80 cm width8 four-bed suites (living room with a pull-out bed 1.5 meters wide and a sleeping room with one lying in width of 90 cm and another 120 cm). These apartments can accommodate up to 5 people.2 suites (living room with 2 beds, 1.5 m width and sleeping room with one bed width of 140 cm + one bearing width 90 cm). The apartment is large and spacious with a huge terrace overlooking the sea. The villa has its own tank and thus provides guests with water at all times. The villa also owns its own power generator that supplies the whole object with electricity in the event of its disappearance.THANKS TO WRITTEN!< /div>We would like to make sure that you come to see the beauty and comfort of our villa, as well as many other guests who have stayed in it and come back with us.Double 25-35 Euros

Three times a day30-40 Euros

Quadruple 40-50 Euros

Five-Five 45-65 Euros

55-80 Euros

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To the city center: 5000m

To the beach: 2000m

To the store: 500m

To the restaurant: 2000m

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