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Becici is a small touristic settlement located on the Adriatic coast within a few kilometers from Budva. Regardless to its small size Becici is very popular among tourists due to its 2 kilometer long beach. Though it is pebble, but the pea stones are so small that the beach is considered to be sandy which definitely makes Becici a unique place in Montenegro, where most of the settlements and towns have pebble beaches or stone plates.

The place doesn’t have any major historical value, the historians have very little information about the people who inhabited this part of the land in the ancient times. Even the invaders haven’t had much interest in this part of the Adriatic coast. Only in the second decade of last century the nature beauty of Becici finally attracted the local authorities to it. The town started to develop quickly as a touristic destination, many hotels were built at that time. The main difference from the rest part of Montenegro is that big 4-5 star hotels are located here. In 1935 and 1971 Becici gained the title of the most beautiful beach of Europe on an international contest held in Paris.

The town has all the conditions for a comfortable vacation – there are many national restaurants with the tasty Montenegrian cuisine, lots of shops, souvenir points, sports grounds and a wonderful embankment for long seaside walks. Becici is well-known among the lovers of paragliding. The starting place is mountain Braici ( 760 m above the sea level), landing place – Becici. During the flight you will have a magnificent view of the Budva Riviera and the Sveti Stefan Island. Becici has everything for the active water sports – water ski, jet ski and etc. There is an aqua park in the hotel Mediteran, the entrance is free only for the guests of the hotel.

Becici is located within only 4 km from the Old Town of Budva and you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit the Medieval city, walk along its narrow streets and enjoy the magical atmosphere. In Becici you can see the Church of St Apostle Foma, built in the 14th century. It is located right near the beach in a small pine forest.

International competitions in beach volleyball and football are held hear annually.

Find time to visit Becici and its fantastic beach, as walking on the pebble gives your toes a good massage that stimulates blood circulation and improves the health!