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Igalo is a small settlement located on the north of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, not far away from Herceg-Novi. The town is situated at the foot of mount Dobrostica and is the closest settlement to the border with Croatia. Igalo is well-known way beyond Montenegro due to the Institute of Igalo – the biggest sanatorium resort on the Mediterranean. The spectrum of the illnesses which are healed and cured in the institute is impressing – people get recovered here after all kinds of injuries, get medical treatment for heart and neurological diseases, problems with bones and mussels and etc. Many methods of modern physical therapy, preventive medicine, spa-procedures, thalassotherapy were invented in the institute. They are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of children, adults and elder people. 

The cities name is translated from the Greek language as “shore, beach”. From the ancient times these places were known for their curative features. Not far from the mouth of river Sutorina there is a beach with medical mud, which has always been used in the treatment of rheumatic illnesses. The mud is special due to the seaweed Murava included in its structure. Along with the mud there is a spring of slightly radioactive mineral water Igaljka, which has a big amount of sodium chloride in it and recovers the human body from the inside and outside.

Igalo is a really botanic garden of Montengro, with numerous relic plants. You can enjoy the beautiful views, fresh sea air while taking a walk along Pet Danica a 7 km long promenade connecting Igalo with Herceg-Novi. Here you can find many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or try out the national cuisine.

Igalo has great opportunities for diving, there are several schools on the shore and the most interesting diving places are close to the seaside where the sank ships are hidden under the water.

Those who are fond of history can visit the Forte Mare fortress located close to Igalo. It was built by king Tvrtko I in 1382. Also the famous Mamula island – you can rent a small fishers boat to get there, there is a fortress on the island that was built for defense reasons and than became a prison. You can also visit the Historical and Regional museums, the Art Gallery. All sorts of cultural happenings take place in the town throughout the year.

It is incredible how so many different touristic spheres are concentrated in one small place such as Igalo!