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The building of the Durmitor base, where & bdquo; the most beautiful nature of nature, attracts tourists from all over the world. Luck if the flight is canceled, so they can give a reason for another day on the Zabljak. It is considered as the urban settlement at the highest altitude in Southeast Europe. There, at 1450 meters above sea level, the snow reaches up to six months, and the height of the snow cover exceeds two meters.

Grubbing, sledding, skiing and snowboarding on the trails of Durmitor, to which the Žabljak arrives hats and elevators, are part of the winter offers of this place. The ski slopes at the Savino hook, Šo tuocu, JavorovaDj are arranged for all disciplines. The smallest rafting lovers descend to Tara even in the winter, and in the summer it is obligatory recreation of visitors to Žabljak. In the town itself, enjoyable entertainment is provided by cafes and hotels, which are often the destination for January 1, the worst night of the year. Of course, the inevitable excursion for families is Black Lake. Many travel writers and poets wrote about his crystal blue color. In winter it is covered with icebergs, and in the summer it gets warmed up to 20 degrees so it can be swim in it.