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Herceg Novi

The beautiful city of Hergceg-Novi is located at the foot of mount Orien, at the mouth of the Boka-Kotor bay and is definitely one of the youngest cities on the Adriatic coast. Despite that the city is located apart from all the other touristic destinations of Montenegro, it attracts a great number of tourists during the summer season. It is often named the “botanical garden” of Montenegro because of the numerous relic plants and bushes. The city is also known as the “city of a thousand stairways” due to the hilly area which it is situated on and the great amount of stairways and vertical paths. Herceg-Novi is also famous for its medical mud, mineral waters and sanitaries. 

Despite the fact that Herceg-Novi is believed to be a fairly young city, its history is characterized by a random change of ruling dynasties and states. That is why the Mediterranean architecture of the town is incredibly vivid and diverse. The city was founded as a fortress by the Bosnian king in 1382. At that time the settlement was named Sveti Stefan ( San-Stefano). The city became an important point of salt sale. It gained its name Novi. Afterwards the city and its surroundings were in the power of the Ottoman Empire for nearly two centuries, than it was included into the Venice Republic under the name of Castelnuevo. After that the city was taken by the Austrian forces and in 1918 became a part of Yugoslavia after the Serbians managed to free the cities of the bay. 

Herceg-Novi is the closest city to the border with Croatia. It is located within only 23 km from Tivat Airport and 30 km from Dubrovnik. Staying in Herceg-Novi gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Montenegro and to visit the closest countries – Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Most of all Herceg-Novi is famous for its SPA centers and sanitaries. Not far from Igalo there is a spring with medical mud – Igaljsko Blato, and also a spring with mineral water – Igaljsko slatine. Igalo became world-famous for the healing of many chronic illnesses, as there are perfect conditions here for medical treatments and rehabilitation.

The most visited sight in Herceg-Novi are:

  • The Old Town – or the Old Block, as it is not surrounded with high walls like the other ancient centers. It consists of several separate architecture buildings, united by one territory. 
  • Savina monastery which stores the wonder-working icon of the Savina Mother of God
  • The sea fortress – Forte Mare, built by king Tvrtko the I in 1382
  • The clock tower, built by the Austrians in the 19th century which is one of the draw cards of the city
  • Kanli-Kula fortress ( The bloody tower), built by the Turks it was used as a prison for a long time
  • The Serbian Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael located on the central square of the city
  • Mamula island – located close to Herceg-Novi. You can rent a small fishers boat to get there. There used to be a fortress on the island which was built for defense purposes but was used as a prison for a long time afterwards. 

Take your time for a walk along the Pet Danica embankment. It is a 7 km long promenade that connects Herceg-Novi and Igalo. There is a very big park here, which has lots of relic plants, and a great number of cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or try the national cuisine. 

Here you have all the needed conditions for those who are fond of underwater diving. There are several training schools opened on the shore, the most interesting diving places are located close to the shore, where sank ships are hidden under the water.

Various musical, cultural festivals and celebrations are held in the city. The most popular among the rest is the winter Mimosa festival, when the whole city is covered with the yellow flowers. 

Herceg-Novi differs from most of the coastal cities of Montenegro and it will stay in your memory as one of the most beautiful and incredible places.