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In earthly paradise, on long sandy beaches, leave your mark in fine grain sand. Azure blue, cane, wooden houses and just some of the robinzon-style restaurant rafts ... Relax in the sun and the silence that shakes the wave of the waves. Find your place on the shoreline, in some bay, in the decline, on the island, in the cliffs, in the ridge ... The adventure space has a breakthrough. On the banks of the Bojana River, where a nudist beach is kept, please walk into the costume & bdquo; Adam and Eve & ldquo ;.

The Lake of Shia is another story in the natural mosaic of Ulcinj. Rich in fish, the first hitch-hustle may drag you into a circle of passionate fishermen. In addition to nature, you will get the story of the Old Town of Ulcinj, where the foundations were built by the Greeks, the fortresses were built by the Romans, the Miles, the Turks ... The slave market is remembering the time when the pirates sold their detainees. Among them was the famous writer & bdquo; Don Quixote & ldquo; Miguel de Servantes. He spent five years in Ulcinj, and on his return he writes a clear piece.